Sliders look cool, but they don’t have any place on your website

Sliders look cool, but they don’t have any place on your website

Sliders are an easy way to use up a bunch of space on the home page of your website, and (if the pictures are good), make your website look professional quite easily, so why are they actually awful? Let me explain.

Think of the last time you went to a website that had a slider, or image carousel, or whatever you want to call it. It looked nice, didn’t it? But did you even take in the message the slides were trying to give you? Nope, I bet you don’t even remember which site it was, what the images were, nor the words on them. That’s the issue. A large picture with a meaningful message and a call to action is right at home on the home page of your site, but if it disappears in 5 seconds and something else shows up in its place, it’s going to get ignored or forgotten.

Let’s not even mention that by the time the first slide passes and the second slide is displayed, your website visitor has already moved on to a different part of your website or at least scrolled down. All your valuable time and effort down the drain. Plus, time is money, since you’re probably paying someone to make your website and these graphics that are never going to see the light of day or lead to a conversion.

OK, what if I’m wrong, and they love that first slide, then what? By the time they think about clicking that Learn More or Contact Us button in your slide it’s already gone, and not every one of your customers is an expert in web development and can figure out in a few seconds how exactly your slider works – because let’s face it, there is no consistency. Sometimes they have those arrow things on the left and right side, sometimes those dots at the bottom that show what slide your on – and sometimes you can click those to get to the previous slide, or maybe you can’t?

Not convinced? That’s alright, there’s more to it. Sliders are a mass of large images and JavaScript that use up valuable bandwidth – because not everyone has a high-end computer or the latest and greatest tablet or phone along with high-speed internet and/or five bars of LTE data connection. If your customer is on a slow connection or device, you’re going to lose that customer – it’s been proven that a 1 second delay in page response leads to a 7% reduction in conversions, and that a whopping 30% of visitors will leave if your site takes 6-10 seconds to load.

By now, you understand that a slider is a poor choice, even though it’s the lazy way out of designing a nice home page.